Aerospace Manufacturing Automation Solutions

We can help streamline your production for better quality and reliability. Our aerospace automation solutions are specialized to designed and engineered to be specific to your needs.

The aerospace industry has unique challenges, particularly when it comes to industrial equipment and manufacturing needs. Standard equipment is seldom suitable, and aircraft manufacturers look to engineering firms with strong, reliable capabilities that can provide very specific solutions for their needs. Sometimes it is possible to modify existing solutions to make them fit for purpose; but often totally customized aerospace manufacturing automation systems are required.

Simple Automation has proven systems and capabilities together with top tooling and processing abilities that can do just this.

Aerospace Manufacturing Automation Services

Whether you need a modified system or a solution that is completely out of the box and unique, our engineers are ready to help. Our specialties geared for the aerospace industry include:

  • Material handling
  • Automated assembly systems including robotic assembly
  • Multi-axis robotic platforms for manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing work stations
  • Streamlined robotic assembly cells
  • Kitting lines including part kitting
  • Drilling and riveting
  • Laser applications including laser scribing
  • Vision tools for vision inspection as well as guidance and measurement systems
  • Automated test systems

Aerospace Processes and Controls

  • Various types of fully automated cutting and trimming to meet aerospace manufacturing needs. These include ultrasonic cutting, waterjet cutting, and spindle trimming that can be used for anything from large wing covers to the smallest components required.
  • Precision drilling which is critical for any aerospace operation regardless of the parts being worked on.
  • Automated defastening that automatically locates and removes fasteners for wing assembly as well as for ongoing maintenance.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) systems that will efficiently inspect anything from small assemblies and components to large structures, including complete aerospace systems.
  • Friction stir welding solutions that utilize a combination of force and motion control. Much faster and easier than either traditional fusion welding or automatic riveting processes, FSW solutions are ideal for aerospace manufacturing.
  • Configurable fixtures achieved using integrated processes that maximize productivity by using multiple processes along with tooling and peripheral equipment.
  • Cleaning and removal of various coatings to achieve throughput goals. Proven processes used include lasers.

Our mission is to produce the very best possible quality automation equipment at the lowest possible cost, and to ultimately provide your company with unparalleled quality that delivers maximum benefits.

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