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We can help streamline your production for better quality and reliability. Our automotive automation solutions are specialized to designed and engineered to be specific to your needs.

The automotive industry is one of the world’s most important industries, and one of the most significant sectors when assessed by revenue earned. It is also a vital industry in the US, as illustrated by the government’s rescue plan during the industry’s crisis in 2008-2010. Automotive factory automation has played a dramatic part in reshaping the automotive industry in the US;

In 2015 sales of new vehicles topped a record 17.4 million, though some companies did better than others, highlighting the need for superior production lines that improve productivity, quality and profits. Our team knows we can help your company stay at the top with the winners.

Companies that operate within the automotive industry are involved in a wide range of operations including the design and development, and manufacturing, of the full range of vehicles that we use for transportation. It also incorporates those companies involved in the marketing and selling of motor vehicles.

Simple Automation recognizes that the automotive industry is a constant evolution of new idea, new models, and improved technology, and that it requires enhanced safety requirements. We also know that because of the ever-evolving changes in products and the design of these products, there is a continuous need for redesign and retooling.

Whether you are an automotive manufacturer or a tier supplier, the expertise Simple Automation offers to the automotive industry will help you and your business. Our capabilities have enabled us to develop a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations in terms of design, retooling requirements, and above all else, automation.

We also follow trends and business developments. We are able to provide an array of customized solutions for all our customers particularly those that want to go the automatic route. Perhaps even more importantly, we recognize the importance of companies wanting to control the overall costs of manufacturing, including both materials and labor.

Call us to discuss your automotive needs and to see how we can add factory automation that will improve production more than you ever thought possible.

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