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We can help streamline your production for better quality and reliability. Our consumer products manufacturing automation solutions are specialized to designed and engineered to be specific to your needs.

The consumer products industry is enormous and varied, catering for just about everything we use or consume in our daily lives. The very size of the industry means there is incredible competition that faces those operating within the industry, and because of what it is, challenges are consumer-driven. Consumer product manufacturing automation provided efficiencies in production that save manufacturers time and money.

There are a myriad of challenges our customers in the consumer products industry face that result from ambivalent brand loyalty, changing demographics, fluctuating consumer preferences and demands, rapidly evolving technological advances and worldwide economic uncertainty.

Our customers in the industry also face an ongoing challenge to ensure that they maintain and improve the quality of goods they manufacture, at the same time reducing costs so that both consumers and their company benefit.

Consumer Demands Relating to Products

Research shows that US consumers are increasingly drawn to consumer products that are driven by health and wellness, as well as safety. These needs have largely overtaken traditional buying decisions that are based on taste or performance, or even price. Coupled with this, increased regulatory scrutiny demands compliance with product safety, and sustainability, as well as transparency in terms of product content and materials used. Those operating in the industry also face constant demands for economical and effective packaging.

Generally, companies that innovate to improve customer experience and therefore profitability, are the ones that are more successful. Furthermore, there is evidence that those companies that take the trouble to try and understand consumer behavior are better able to meet consumer needs and demands.

A 2016 Deloitte report on innovation in consumer products spells out the returns on investment (ROI) relating to innovation. For instance consumer product innovation leaders experienced a 14 percent growth in stock prices annually over a five-year period while laggards (who hadn’t bothered with innovation) experienced no stock price growth at all. The leaders also created much greater economic value and improved brand perception of their consumer products.

The Simple Automation team has a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the consumer products industry. We recognize that it is a hugely diverse industry that covers a wide variety of products and processes. Our customers have uniquely different needs to each other, and we focus on these individually, to ensure that you have a competitive edge that will help you stand out from competitors and excel in your market niche.

We have the experience and engineering expertise to design processing and packaging machines and equipment that totally meet the needs of very different products. To be able to do this, we offer a full range of integrated services to meet the process design and related engineering needs of our customers. We also provide fast-to-market innovative solutions that progress from procurement and preliminary engineering, through commissioning and construction.

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