Food & Beverage Automation Solutions

Simple Automation knows how important it is to have dependable and accurate automation solutions in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. We have solutions you can count on.

The food and beverage automation market is enormous, but fragmented, and includes thousands of different types of companies that are involved in the processing, packaging and distribution of every possible type of foodstuff and beverage.

The industry deals with every possible product intended for human consumption, except for drugs and other pharmaceutical products. These include fresh fruit and vegetables; processed foods; frozen, canned and packaged foods; preserved and fermented foods; dairy products; tea and coffee; beer, wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages; fruit juices, soda and other soft drinks; water; and chocolate and confectionery.

Because the industry revolves around food and drink, legislation is tough, with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) imposing minimum standards for ingredients and making exacting demands in terms of labeling.

But there are even more critical issues that constantly emerge from consumers themselves, largely in terms of health and wellness. Added sugar and genetically modified food currently top the list of concerns, and consumers are increasingly demanding transparency from manufacturers. In fact, some marketing experts believe that trust is one of the biggest factors the food and beverage industry must deal with. Without it, companies are likely to lose consumer loyalty and risk a reduction in profit too.

Quality, sustainability, and food safety are all important, and in addition to government rules and regulations, a burgeoning number of consumers worldwide want to know exactly what is in the food and drink they buy. Additionally, more and more people want to avoid artificial colorants, preservatives, and antibiotics. In fact the global market intelligence agency, Mintel identified the leading trend for 2016 as consumer demand for less processed, more natural food and drink!

These issues directly affect every part of production, from initial processing to packaging and labeling.

Food and Beverage Automation Solutions

Companies operating in the food and beverage industry face stiff competition and tightening profit margins. For this reason, many are investing in new technologies and innovative ways to get a competitive advantage.

Some of the most powerful new technologies available to the food and beverage are rooted in automation, and billions of dollars are spent globally on automation products and systems within the industry every year. Research shows that food and beverage automation helps to protect profit margins and contain costs. It also plays a vital role in food safety, sustainable manufacturing, reduction of waste and usage of energy, and in minimizing brand risk.

Simple Automation Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Simple Automation is an expert in the field of automation and has diverse engineering experience automating product assemblies, designing and customizing processing systems, and building specialty equipment for customers.

We are acutely aware that the food and beverage industry depends heavily on the right packaging, warehouse logistics, and time-to-market solutions. For this reason, Simple Automation takes pride in offering customers the understanding and experience in navigating and developing cost-effective food and beverage automation solutions.

Our customers are constantly challenged by the costs of getting their products to market. Our comprehensive understanding of high-speed packaging and warehouse logistics has helped them to achieve results in lowering their overall product handling costs.

We can do the same for you. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and let us design a solution that will give you the cutting edge in your niche of the food and beverage industry.

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