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Foundry systems are used to cast metal and handle foundry sand. The challenge is to apply the processes involved in a way that maximizes production and minimizes scrap. To do this, it is essential for those in the foundry industry to use the best possible foundry automation equipment and systems available.

But even with the best equipment available, conditions in foundries are harsh and potentially dangerous, with dust and fumes, and abrasive particles threatening workers as well as the performance and reliability of equipment and foundry systems.

This is why robotics plays an increasingly important role in foundry automation. For example, robots are commonly used to:

  • Cut off the castings from the primary casting tree
  • Grind the gates so that they are flush with the surface
  • De-flash and trim excess material using high-speed carbide tools

Generally, robots used for grinding, de-burring and finishing processes in foundries are equipped with force sensors that control:

  • The cutting forces that are applied
  • The speed at which the robot works

The force sensors do this by sensing cutting conditions while the robot cuts, and making a dynamic adjustment to the speed of the robot. This is invaluable in foundries where “flashing conditions” in parts being worked on often change radically in a potentially dangerous manner.

Simple Automation Solutions for Foundries

Simple Automation supplies a range of robotic grinding solutions for foundries. We also load and unload machines for de-flashing and machining of cast parts.

Our experience includes solutions for aluminum and iron. These include aluminum sawing, sprue removal and de-flashing; and iron grinding and sawing to clean up raw castings prior to further processing.

Our scope of supply ranges from stand-alone grinding and part-processing cells to fully finishing room automation systems.

The engineer team at Simple Automation understands the unique characteristics and properties of foundry castings, whether these involve iron or aluminum. We have considerable experience with permanent mold, lost foam and sand mold cast parts and how they may be handled and processed. Whether in the foundry, the coating line or the machine shop; Simple Automation has the experience and knowledge to automate and process your parts.

Examples of Simple Automation foundry automation process experience include:

  • Automated mold placement in cope and drag lines
  • Die cast part cleanup including hole detection, de-flashing and inspection of flaws
  • Sprue removal and machine loading of aluminum permanent mold cast wheel hubs
  • De-gating or gate removal
  • Lost foam tree separation and sawing
  • Grinding of parting lines of cast iron
  • Wheel heat treat load/unload, quench and inspection
  • Cast iron axle heat treat facility load/unload and quench

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