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Simple Automation is a dependable robot integration company based in the Atlanta area. We specialize in custom machine/equipment design and manufacture, robotic application, controls, and wireless solutions. Industries served include plastics, automotive, aerospace/defense, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and packaging.

Why should you choose us?

Customer service: Our Engineers will be available any time of day to support the end user

Experience: Our team is experienced in working with many well-known companies and will be able to custom engineer a solution to fit your needs

Custom Engineering: Our team is standing by to make a solution that custom fits your needs.

Automation Engineering

Simple Automation has dozens of years of experience that can help to make your business more efficient. We want to partner with you to design a custom automation solution to fit your needs, to make the job simpler for you, and increase the efficiency of your production.

State of the Art Robotics

Simple Automation offers state of the art robotic implementation to solve your business needs. Robotics can help to reduce the margin of error, increase efficiency, and decreases labor cost. We custom design and fabricate everything you would need to utilize robotics in your industry.

Controls Engineering

Simple Automation has developed our own custom control panels. We can implement these controls into any design, or you can customize your own panel, and we can build it to fit your needs. 

In-House Tooling

Simple Automation does all of our custom machining in-house. All parts that go into our custom automation and controls are made in our cutting edge shop. We continue to invest in new machines, and more advanced technologies to improve our efficiency, and overall quality. 

Innovative Design

Simple Automation is constantly learning and staying up to date with the latest technology. We implement that technology in our designs, to make the sleeker, more efficient, and overall simpler. Each design goes through processes, such as, meetings between the design team and engineering team, research into the best equipment to use for each design, and lastly, a final check of each one by the head of design.