Vision Inspection

Vision Inspection, Measurement and Verification

Simple Automation USA has the knowledge necessary to design, build and integrate 2D and 3D vision systems. Whether your solution calls for eliminating defects, tolerance monitoring, verifying assembly, automating production or tracking parts we have the most reliable solution to fit your application. Machine vision jobs are fully scalable across cameras, software, industrial systems, and PCs or mobile devices.

We also have the capability of integrating vision systems into robot applications to give the robot more awareness, to increase the repeatability of the application and to allow the robot to find objects in its working envelope. This reduces the need and expense of adding overly complex and expensive fixtures to your automation. Also, by adding vision to your robot palletizing and de-palletizing becomes more practical, components can be assembled, dies unloaded, and parts lifted off racks and out of bins with precise repeatability. It’s even possible to track and pick parts in motion on conveying systems.

When your application requires assembling components into a larger product, it is often necessary to align one part with another prior to insertion or attachment in some way. Machine vision systems can easily provide the alignment systems with the positional feedback they require to make sure the components fit together in the proper manner without using complex tooling and automation.

Industries across the board are improving the efficiency and repeatability of their processes by integrating vision systems into their specific applications. Simple Automation can help get you moving toward the future.