Wireless Production Counting

To remain competitive in today’s fast paced manufacturing environment companies are recognizing the need to analyze data to improve efficiencies. There are a wide range of applications that are integrated into the “Internet of Things” (IoT), where sensor nodes join the Internet dynamically, and use it to collaborate and accomplish manual data collection tasks.

With the SVIEW wireless monitoring system combined with a wireless Diffused or Retroreflective sensor technology you will have the ability to track and transmit real-time production data remotely and feed it directly into your existing MES or ERP software. For the end user this means accurate data, less time collecting data and helps you to know where you are in the production process.

Each wireless solution is catered to your specific application and arrives to you virtually plug and play. One of the main advantages of our wireless monitoring system is the ability to place sensors wherever needed without the need to run cabling through walls, floors which helps to reduce installation time and cost.